I originally got Sis-Boom-Bah going as my personal studio so I could have a place to collaborate with Brad from wherever he was in the world.

AWormsLifeFor example, when Brad was living in London, England, he would work up some ideas, put them on DAT or ADAT and send them off to me.  I’d load them up, take a listen, try to come up with whatever I thought I could contribute and send it back. A Worms Life was worked on a lot this way. We ended up getting together in London and putting all the ideas together, but it was a great way to get a good start.

I also wanted to use the studio to get my own ideas out. So I began to outfit the studio with the things I thought would give me the most flexibility and start from there. For the first few months I was buried in manuals and wasn’t getting much done in the way of music but it all paid off in the end. I’ve got a pretty good handle on stuff now and I can concentrate more on the music. As Trees Walking?

Charlie RedstarBefore I knew it, I was getting involved with other projects in one way or another and having some good fun. Apart from the Dummy stuff I’ve been producing, engineering, recording and writing in collaboration with Tuesday’s Girl and Charilie Redstar.

The sound track for Cemetery Love Story (film) has been done here as well as Cemetery Love Story (the band/album). Kiera Fogg, a young talented singer has just come through and I enjoyed working with her very much. She has a real strong work ethic and a good whack of talent. Watch out for her. I’ve also been working with Joe Curtis on his project, lots of good fun.

There has only been three “outside” projects to come through the studio so far. The first was a project with Robert Senecal. This project was really good fun as it was Robert with his dad, brother and uncle sitting around with a few beers and singing all the family camp fire songs. Something that will stay in the family forever! I’ve spoken with Robert and he’s going to give me a little synopsis of what the experience was like. Hopefully we’ll be able to get something for our listen page!

The second is the Wedgwoods. A band that Patrick from Tuesday’s girl has been working with. It was and is his Sis-Boom-Bah project and is sounding pretty good. I think he’s almost done and once again, I’ll see if we can add some of his work on the website.