As Trees Walking Cover

Without clear definition or outlines: Indistinctly, Obscurely. This was actually the last piece written for the record although not the last one completed. I laboured over this one for a long time. It was without title and I was trying to get into the space of what I thought the onset of Alzheimer’s would be like.

As Trees Walking

You’re going merrily along the path and all of a sudden, though you can’t put your finger on it, you sense something is amiss! You return to life in normality only to discover that the lines blur time and time again until there are no lines. In searching for a title for this piece, I thought, the study of trees. I went in search of the word for the study of trees and found As Trees Walking instead. I couldn’t have found a better title. By the way, the study of trees is Dendrology. Thanks to my friend Alan Murphy for that one.