I’d like to tell you guys about my awesome partnership with The Co-operators. I’ve been working with them for years in bringing my talks to schools across the country, and hopefully will do for many years to come. The name of the talk is “In Your Face & Interactive” and we’re all pretty proud about it.

Mitch's LogoThe Co-operators presents… In Your Face & Interactive with Mitch Dorge

Who is Mitch Dorge?
 Mitch is a Juno award-winner, Grammy-nominee and drummer with the Crash Test Dummies, who has travelled the world and is absolutely passionate about empowering today’s youth. As a spokesperson for TADD (Teens Against Drinking and Driving) and the spokesperson for D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), Mitch has developed a unique, thought-provoking presentation that takes an honest, intense look at responsible choices.

What are the presentations about?
 talkMitch’s presentation focuses on making responsible choices. He spends the first 15-20 minutes telling the students background information about himself, his drumming career and how he got involved in this initiative. He uses a very interactive approach throughout his presentation involving the students in games and activities. The purpose of his presentation is to encourage teens to follow their dreams, set goals for themselves and to make the choices that will help them be successful in the future. On the topic of drugs, for example, he talks about marijuana, cocaine and crystal meth. He discusses how these drugs are made, how they make their way into North America, how many lives are affected in the process and the cost and consequences involved if you decide to use them. Mitch’s presentations cover many topics including:

How long are the presentations?
 Two hours are required per presentation (no exceptions). What age groups would benefit most from Mitch’s presentation?
 Teenagers (ages 13-18). How do the students respond to Mitch’s presentation?
 Here’s what they say: “I was listening to your presentation…It was totally out of this world!!!”
- Sarah Dalrymple, Tanner’s Crossing School “I really enjoyed your presentation. The three things I enjoyed most were your positive attitude, humour, and your stories. Most presentations are pretty boring, but yours was something special.”
- Jarid “Not only did you inform me about the gruesome things crystal meth (could do) but you also taught me to live life to its fullest. You showed me to be enthusiastic, a new way of thinking, and to be positive.”
- Natasha What are school administrators saying?
 “What I saw was Mitch doing more than telling stories, he spent an enormous amount of time breaking down barriers and building trust with the kids in the room. When he finally gave his message, he had the kid’s attention and their respect, and as a result they got his message. I’ve never seen it done better!”
 – Robert Rodgers, Assistant Principal, Beiseker Community School. Co-op-Banner

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