Mitch Speaks

Mitch Dorge is a happy guy. So much so that he was sought after to participate in the Sarah Spinks documentary about people that have attained true happiness in life. As one of 5 individuals in “W5 presents, In Pursuit of Happiness”, Mitch sheds a fair bit of light on a few things but what seems most evident is that his life’s accomplishments (so far) are a by-product of being a happy guy. His happiness is not defined by the accomplishments alone. (although the accomplishment list is long!)

Throughout the last 14 years, Mitch has not only shared his thoughts, but has given his North American audiences the chance to experience the happiness.

In spending an hour with Mitch, you will not only hear his ideas
of where the happiness comes from, you’ll feel it.


As a drummer, (and few would define him so narrowly) he can be found, recorded, on a minimum of 25 albums, (discs, tapes, etc.) Those recordings are with everyone from local upcoming artists to mega artists such as Crash Test Dummies (11 million records sold world wide) which he has been a member of since 1991. With many of these recordings, you’ll also find him in the credits as producer, engineer, or both!  3 Grammy nominations, a Juno win and 11 Juno nominations, appearances on Letterman (3), Arsinio, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Conan O’Brian (3) and a most proud moment, Saturday Night Live. A Prairie Music Award, 3 nominations and almost 20 years of touring the world over, you’d think that might fuel the happiness tank. However, the research from the doc says all that is icing on the cake.

A featured performer and educator at the Cape Breton Drum Festival X 2! The Montreal Drum Festival, Victoria Drum Festival and Vancouver Drum Festival. A principal educator at The M&T Drummers Summer Camp in The Black Forrest of Germany, the only north american to be there 4 years running. A touring clinician for Sabian Cymbals, Pearl Drums, Vic Firth drum sticks and REMO drum heads and featured in several Drum magazines around the world including the cover of Drums Etc., Canada’s prime drum magazine.

You can find his writing contributions in Canadian Musician Magazine and on Miles Yohnke’s motivational site, 5 Star Productions.

You’ll find him in the credits on the Staying Alive web page. A site devoted to children’s safety with regard to fire. From creating the music, to the philosophy of the PSA’s, to the conceptualization of “The Great Escape”, created by Jeff Derraugh.

You’ll also find him in a few out of the blue places such as Squash Magazine. A hobby that brought him athletic notoriety when he was invited to participate in the Manitoba Open Draw. His love and advocacy for the game led him to exhibitions with world ranked players at the Tournament of Champions in New York and the US Open in Minneapolis.

Mitch is also in the credit list of over 100 films and television productions. Either as actor, composer or post production, including the doc’s “Downsmapling Perception” and “Un batteur avec des idées / un film de Pascal Boutroy”, and of course, “In Pursuit of Happiness”, all documentaries about the Mitchy man.

In 2000, Mitch created, “In Your Face and Interactive” which was an extension of his philosophy, “life is short, live it to the fullest”. Whether Mitch is speaking to our youth, The Chamber of Commerce, YEO, YPO, Teachers, Parents, Corporations or at the local Charity fundraiser, people are more likely to walk out a whole lot happier than when they walked in.

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